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Our state of the art sound system not only looks great, but sounds great as well through Bose’s Spatial Dispersion Technology.   Never again will you have to leave a room or speak over excessive audio volumes as our audio technology creates uniform sound coverage, even in the most acoustically challenging venues.


Its elegant appearance and small footprint within a room will tastefully blend into your décor and never becomes an eyesore of overwhelming audio equipment.  You and your guests will notice the difference with comfortable audio levels without ever sacrificing the energy much boxier sound systems deliver.



Announcements are projected clearly and evenly throughout the room without the risk of feedback.  Music is represented perfectly with the reputation only Bose can deliver.  Your guests will wonder where all that beautiful music is coming from!

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The music sounded great throughout the entire night!  All of our guests commented that the volume levels were perfect…we never had to shout over the music throughout dinner!  It meant a lot to our older guests at our wedding.

-Trevor & Meagan Delaney


I loved how your speakers were not the big box type that most DJ’s carry.  I spent a lot of time on the “look” at my wedding.  Everything looked and sounded perfect!

-Corey & Kelley Best


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